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Wedding - Photography Receiving Line

There are a lot of ways couples can greet their guests, but the receiving line is the most traditional. The receiving line is the tradition where the newly-weds greet the guests, usually just after the ceremony or entrance of the reception into the venue. This gives each guests a moment of face to face time with the bride and groom.

Many couples choose not to do a traditional receiving line.

What we recommend it something a little different:

A Photography Receiving Line.

What is it?

A Photography Receiving Line can occur during any part of the reception. We set up the bride and groom in a secluded, well-lit area so that photos can be taken with each of your guests.

Why do this instead?

  • Can be scheduled at ANY point throughout the reception. This allows you to actually enjoy cocktail hour!

  • You get to eat and drink! (and not miss out on those cocktail hour apps!)

  • The photos are professional, well-lit, and edited. Instead of selfies at the dinner table or in the harsh, colored dancing lights

  • Everyone still looks decent (no one is too sweaty or too drunk to take a good photo.)

  • Once its done, you can enjoy the rest of your night and not worry about who you still need to see.

  • We organize it all for you. Poses, guests, and candids included.

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